Wednesday 14 April 2010

till next year.....

There's always a sense of deflation for me at this time of year - sure, Fleche Wallonnne, Amstel and Liege are still to come but they don't capture my imagination in the same way.

I didn't make it to Flanders (or Roubaix) again this year - but there's always next year.

Cancellara won all three of my favourite races - E3 with guile, Flanders with panache and then Roubaix with crushing superiority. All intriguing races, all with different scripts but the same outcome.

Not making it to Flanders was somewhat offset by running my own Ronde - many, many thanks for all the comments, good wishes and apolgies for absence. Come and ride with us next year as I can't see it not running again.......

Apart from Spartacus and his feats of legend - the other defining ride for me?

Brutal conditions at Kuurne-Brussels-Kuurne brought out the best in Ian Stannard and his gritty ride for 3rd place summed up for me what the Classics are about - the changeable weather, rough surfaces and there being no-where to hide when the proverbial lands. Make or break. Persist or give up. Inspiring stuff.

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John Sutton said...

I thought Rog Hammond outsprinting Boonen at the end of Paris Roubaix for 4th was pretty cool, too.