Thursday 30 December 2010

tough day at the office

I had a blinder of a race last weekend - everything came together. Fitness, technique, mindset and equipment all conspired to give me my best performance this season. And very happy I was too.

Cross is not always so kind though . Sometimes you just can't get a break - whether it be the weather, the course, equipment or some kind of of enduring voodoo curse. Helen Wyman has followed up some great results with a crashtastic period that has cost her in races somewhat, though she fights on, as ever. Nys must be wondering what deity or spirit he has offended recently, as for a month he has been suffering training crashes, errant pedals and chains and communication errors with his pit crew. When will he get a break? Who knows, but he must be considering some sort of sacrificial offering to appease whomever he has offended.

By way of illustration, here are some folks having a bad day at the office in Wednesday's Azencross from Loenhout. First up, a great Women's race in tough conditions...

And here is Sven - last lap, neck and neck with Niels Albert. Pre-arranged bike change onto one with harder tires for the sprint, but his pit crew is not where previously discussed, being nearer to the pit entrance than he expects. Cue one over eager mechanic of 15 years service, who simply pulls his dirty bike off him. Whilst he is attached to it by the left pedal..... Go figure the rest....

Here's to better luck for both of them in future races.

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Otleyrich said...

They say bad luck comes in threes - so pedal, chain, pit cock-up, Sven should be due some good fortune for the Belgian championships!