Monday 25 March 2013

Ronde van Oost Lancashire - snow update

As the worst attempt at Spring for many years continues, conditions on some of the Ronde route can be described as challenging. Whilst many of the roads are largely clear, some huge drifts remain on high ground  and as far as I can tell, there are some hamlets that are still possibly cut off on sections of the route.

Forecast conditions between now and Saturday are not overly favourable to thaw or even avoiding further snow accumulation and ice will be a major problem earlier in the day from freeze thaw conditions.

So, it may well be that it will be safer, and kinder to those lovely folk at SportSunday who stand out and provide our Heptonstall Cake stall, to postpone the Ronde this year, till a sunnier, or at least warmer month.

Please check Twitter, Facebook and here for a further update.


Anonymous said...

Very dissapointed but admire your sensible decision. Maybe the weather gods will be kind or maybe it can be reorganised for sunnier day? Would be a shame to miss out this year.Was really looking forward to my first taste of Flanders experience!

Steve said...

Good call. We had to cancel an event in January - all the build up and none of the reward. Your riders will salute you though. Hopefully they haven't started baking yet. That would play mischief with your racing weight.

Steve said...

Good call - disappointing and heartbreaking. All the build up and none of the reward. We cancelled a race in Jan. Your riders salute you! Hopefully they haven't started baking yet - that would play mischief with your racing weight :)