Monday 22 July 2013

And so it begins... #cx13/14

Now we've got this out the way.....

We can get on with this.....

Pic: Joolze Dymond

And the questions I hope to have answered by February are:

Which of the big Euro pros will be on discs? And if so, which hydraulic system (if any) will they be on?

Will Sven be able to boss it still, despite advancing years? Or will Niels Albert finally stop throwing strops and get some consistency together?

Will we get full coverage of Women's racing from Europe, particularly World Cups?

Will the Americans make inroads into Euro racing or merely continue to head up the biggest domestic scene on the planet?

Will FMB tubs start to threaten Dugast in terms of volume, or will the artisan tubular producers suffer at the hands of quality mass produced products from the bigger tyre manufacturers.

Will we have a mudbath in NW England from September onwards like last year or actually get some fast races as well? Where I get to use more than full-on mud treads?

Can I get close to 3:45 hrs for the 3 Peaks Cyclocross?

Will my teammate Dave Haygarth get his shoulder operation out the way quick enough to make a come back at the end of the season? Fingers crossed. Missing you already Dave.

Check back here later....

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