Monday 13 October 2008

bits and bobs and no racing

I had to sit out the double header of NW League races this weekend - it was a Significant Birthday Celebration both days for mrs crossjunkie. No riding and a rather messy cocktail party can't have helped form, but were fun nonetheless. At least J got in his first Cross-Country race (illegally under age at 7) and was flying in the under-11's. I missed racing though and will looking forward to fresh legs on the 19th.

Race reports are over on the British Cycling website

UPDATE: Congrats to Rob Pugh who knocked out a win at Boggart Hole Clough against some classy opposition following a 3rd the day before to Scott Thwaites and Richard Wilkinson. Must be nice to have youthful legs that recover overnight to race the next day. I can but dream.........

Rapha cross kit - it was almost inevitable that I would succumb, despite complaining about the concept

I can report back that the 3/4 bibs that confusingly they call shorts are really rather nice. Plush thermo-roubaix cossets and supports your thigh, they are a sensible length and the insert 'chammy' pad from Cytech feels even better than Assos (at least for my anatomy). Acid test of any short is the 'forgot I had on new shorts' moment which arrived several times during the first couple of road rides. The only downside is that they feel remarkably slippy on the saddle, which can be slightly unnerving offroad and when jumping on, but is great for road rides. I think I'll just use them on the road to avoid testing the durability issue.............

They have also produced Belgian Knee Warmers knee warmers over at Rapha. The blog is already legendary but is now franchising it's own products. Cool. Any offers for crossjunkie clothing perhaps - maybe a fetching cardigan or cloth cap?

Talking of Rapha, I came across Velo Dramatic - a beautifully artworked blog with an eye for expensive kit among other things. Check out this post

How anyone can spend $40,000 on bikes and kit in 2 years is beyond even me but I am willing to give it a go!

Part 2 of Flanders soon - call back for the gritty climax.

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