Wednesday 18 March 2009

the ronde is here!

After much shenanigins with mapping and the like, I bring you the final version in a couple of different formats to make it as user friendly as possible.

The profile looks like this:

It's a ride of 3 halves really (!)- short sharp climbs at first descending back to the lowest point on the route, some mostly rolling climbs before a long descent and the hardest section of the whole ride containing the biggest and steepest climbs including one bordering on 1 in 3.

For those that like to GPS I understand the route can be downloaded in bikeroutetoaster:

I have also mapped it in mapmyfitness but it keeps on crashing my entire system when I try to mix html and composition views so I will post it separately - see below.

Please note there are some glitches with the mapmyfitness version - it covers the whole route but records the distance incorrectly as 35 miles. The cue sheet appears OK but I cannot verify it's accuracy. Unless you cannot get the version above to work I would avoid it to be honest.

There is an accurate (proofread) Cue Sheet available through bikeroutetoaster but I will be posting a full guide over the next few days with photos and general info.

My suggestion is to book yourself in a ride on 5 April at the same time as the real Ronde, tape it on Eurosport and come home to a couple of well earned Belgian brews and the pros in action in Flanders.

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Anonymous said...

Looks ace Al - name the day and lets have a team outing :-) See you at the Cheshire Cat!