Monday 11 May 2009

fred whitton statistical analysis..........

No of punctures - 0

No of crashes by me - 1

No of thorns removed from bare hands after crash - about 30

% of legs covered with dramatic looking blood after crash - 50%(approx!)

No of interviews with on 30% ramp on Hardknott - 1

% of Hardknott ridden before losing concentration, steering off road - 95%

Speed down Hardknott and Wrynose in and after hailstorm - creeping

No of items of Rapha of clothing ripped - 2

No of considerate car drivers - lots

No of irate car drivers - 1

No of bottles of wime consumed that evening to ease pain from lacerations and over-exertion - 1

And my time.........

Oh, well, yes, ummm........... 8.00.47

Missed 1st class time by 47 seconds. Doh

And here's a nice picture of Jebby and James Dobbin showing how to do it properly:

Pic: Allan Nelson, Flickr

More to come...........................


Red Bike said...

Well done!

I often find photographs of hills tend to have an annoying tendancy to come out looking pretty flat. That hill certainly doesn't look flat though!

Duncan A said...


Belgian Beers are on me!


Anonymous said...

I got exactly the same time!

didn't crash though...

John Sutton said...

Good effort. Where and how did you come off? I saw an ambulance heading up to Honister - I'm guessing that might have been a bigger spill, though.

John Sutton said...

Forgot to add: nightmare on missing the 8 hour cut-off by 47 seconds!

crossjunkie said...

Many thanks for all your comments - I've never met most of you but hope our paths will cross at some point on a bike, somewhere out on a good ride.


crossjunkie said...

No ambulance for me thankfully - the only thing really hurt was my pride.

Hope any 'proper' injuries were not too bad for those involved.