Thursday 19 May 2011

If you're Belgian....get stickered.

This is mainly of interest to Here Come the Belgians members but who knows, you may like our style so read on...

I have found a supplier for the fab 3 piece sticker set that Duncan designed a while back, specifically for Planet X Uncle John cross frames (the default frame for most of our cross riders). Cost is £16 incl p+p.

If you have a different frame, road or cross, it may or may not work - use the measurements below to see it you can adapt it.

Additionally Duncan has designed a small single Belgians sticker c 50mm x 20mm. Cost is £0.50 each incl p+p. (Red line is for cutting guide only)

The order sheet is here

Deadline for this order is Tues 31 May

Thursday 12 May 2011

RCS at the Lincoln GP - an Andy Waterman film

Andy Waterman came up to ride and photograph the recent Ronde van Oost Lancashire and is fast forging a reputation as a great photographer and now film maker.

Follow the Rapha Condor Sharp team at the Lincoln GP in this cheekly little film with some stylish footage and behind the scenes action.

Warning: contains cobbles and stylish clothing! What's not to like?

Lincoln GP 2011 - Rapha Condor Sharp - Chasing the Team from Condor Cycles on Vimeo.

Wednesday 11 May 2011


There's nothing significant I can add to the wealth of comment on the tragic death of Belgian rider Wouter Weylandt in this years Giro d'Italia. Many have expressed heartfelt and eloquent thoughts across the whole spectrum of the cycling community, online and off. Like many of us who ride, for leisure or for competition, I felt a sense of connection to a man I had never met and only knew of through through computer and TV screens. He was a fellow rider and his death marks all of us who ride also, as we understand only too well the fragility of our own existence and how it depends on keeping safe whilst riding. My thoughts this week were for him, his family and for all those other riders who have lost their lives whether it be during racing, commuting or riding for fun.

Better then to read this beautifully written piece by pro cycling team manager, Jonathan Vaughters - To live and be alive.