Friday 7 December 2012

Hackney GT

There's something interesting going on down in that there London. Part 'cross, part music and part style statement, Hackney GT is pioneering a unique and fresh approach to the 'cross scene by blending music and fashion with grass roots 'cross racing.

It's the brain child of DJ and racer Russ Jones who has recently premiered a debut collection of cycle clothing and bespoke cycle-cross racing framesets.

  Fat tyres or thin, day or night, mud or dust we ride bikes, we love bikes they move us forward with a rush we are addicted to. We dodge cars we swerve trees we see graffiti we see leaves we are Hackney GT we are all city we are outdoors.

  Unashamedly bold, vibrant,and alternative with strong designs not too be ignored. Casual to lycra, on-trend and reflecting the burgeoning cycle scene from the fixed gear culture to the racing hard core fraternity Hackney GT isn’t frightened about being spotted in the crowd.

I first met Russ when he popped up with a London friend to stay at mine on a racing trip to a northern National Trophy 'cross round, and subsequently have ridden with and competed against him a number of times. Gently spoken and with a distinctive London accent, Russ' cycling and sporting activities have led to him being sponsored by Brixton Cycles, ranked 2nd in the London Cross league 2011/2011, ranked 3rd in the London mountain bike series Beastway for 2009 and multiple finisher of the legendary and gruelling 3 Peaks cyclo cross race.

Hackney GT has been birthed out of Russ' passion for cycling, an eagle eye for fashion and trends and with a quirky edge which he lends to anything he is involved with. Russ originally wanted to make a jersey for his music production company Hackney Globe Trotter and what was originally only one design has now turned into many this has now spawned the new label and collection with big plans for the future.

Hackney GT offers new styles combined with a reflection of Russ' beloved Hackney and East London, currently the cultural and creative centre of the world according to Russ - "fact: there are more artist in Hackney Wick per sq. mile than any other space on the planet". On the music front Russ has DJed all around the world and has had guest mixe spots on BBC Radio 1and 6Music. He currently has a weekly podcast on and he still hosts a monthly tropical warehouse party Arriba La Cumbia in the East end of London. A busy man in other words. 

Russ and Hackney GT in conjunction with Push Cycles has also launched an official racing team that comprises of current winner of the London & SE cyclo cross league Matt Webber amongst many others.. I love this blending of 'cross, music and fashion - for me it's a breath of fresh air from the narrow focus that cycling and 'cross can sometimes have, but make no mistake - Russ and his team are serious racers. They just know how to party and dress on and off a 'cross bike too.

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