Tuesday 19 August 2008

back into cross circuits

Went back onto my regular cross circuit in the woods for the first time this season - bumpy track into single track descent, dismount for the steps down (too risky to ride regularly), back on for the twisting track along to more steps up, back on avoiding falling off the small cliff into the river, off again and running up the hill, down onto the road, fast dismount through the double barriers, up the long climb and back down to start another lap.

I had forgotten how good it was - it uses every technique for getting on, off and forward needed in cross. And its hard too - 'bout 10 mins but with a lot of climbing and only a little resting on the descents.

What's even better was realising the power gains since I was last on it the previous year. Sitting down for climbs that required an out of the saddle effort, crushing the road section into the barriers. Things are looking up - stay healthy, do some double days with run and bike sessions and manage the consequent fatigue. Stellar. Oh and keep off the Belgian brews.

Bike preparation is coming on too. Six out of 9 tubs glued and most of a second bike built. This year I will run orange FMB SPs on GP4s and Race X Lites for general conditions and Rhinos on the deeper carbons for mud and gloop. And a special front wheel with a green Michelin mud made by Francois at FMB. The way the rain has been coming down and the saturated state of the ground at the moment suggests that the Rhinos will be out early on in the season.........


Dave Haygarth said...

I'm fascinated by your attention to bike detail. Chapeau. I've also made the assumption that it's low pressures and grippy muds pretty much from the word go this year, but there are always courses - even in the late season - that surprise you. I've moved over to carbon rims this year too so am still working out which are best for which conditions - I appreciate your tip.

crossjunkie said...

'there are always courses - even in the late season - that surprise you' - is that a dark warning about nefarious activities from a certain race organiser and his late season race?

My attention to bike detail is to cover up for a lack of ability!!