Thursday 5 February 2009

winter sprinter on sat 7 feb

Just when you thought the cross season was over, this little number comes up:

Billed as a Mancunian winter moutain bike race with 100 riders max (sold out in Dec), it promises a 2 hour bike race around Philips Park and Waterdale. There is no restriction on the type of bike as long as it has two wheels and one rider. The course has a bit of everything - 3 miles of fast hardpack, woodland single track, tarmac, raised decks, steps and quite a lot of mud. Or so the preview went.

And mountain bikers vs cross riders :)

In the blue corner for the cross riders are Ady Lawrence (Lune CC), Dean Smith (Liverpool Century), Mick Style (Mcr Wheelers) Joe Allen (Evans Cycles), my mate Mark and yours truly. And probably a few others I don't know so well.

In the red corner are a load of mountain bikers in baggy shorts who whilst short of race fitness will probably still put up a good fight. May the best bike win, not that I'm stoking up any sort of ultra competitive partisan conflict......................

The weather will be challenging to say the least - either cold/snowy and wet, cold/snowy and frozen, or cold/snowy, wet and frozen. Skinny cross tires at low pressures anyone?


Red Bike said...

Great blog!

Sadly this event sold out before I got my entry off so I wont be racing (aka getting in everyones way at the back.)

Keep an eye out for this young lady.
Shes placed very highly in CX races all year riding a heavy full suspension MTB. Now shes just got a light-weight CX bike.

crossjunkie said...

Cheers Redbike,

Sorry you mised the entry.....

Good to hear of another convert to the dark side - I notice she has an ambition to ride the 3 Peaks too. Good stuff.


trio said...

So I rode the preview on my mountain bike, but I have just recieved a cross bike. The plan is to take both on saturday, I think the cross bike is ideal, I forsee a lot of carrying. But I have no idea on pressures in cross tyres??? Any help appreciated. I'm hoping to nip round the course tomorrow to see if I can cope with riding it with no brakes - why why oh why did I not get a cross bike with discs?

crossjunkie said...

Hi trio,

Cross bike is definitely the better option from what I know of the course and conditions so far.

Cross clinchers can run from 35psi to 45psi depending on your weight and the roughness of course. More rocks and stones might warrant 45psi or even 50psi to avoid pinch punctures.

With cross tubs I will try and run below 30psi and 35psi even when rocky (except 3 Peaks!).

Let us all know how the course is and experiment with that tire pressure - lower is better as long as you feel you can avoid punctures.

As for brakes, you only need them to slow you down for the corners, not stop you dead! You'll be fine with your focus.


Duncan A said...

Good Luck Tomorrow.

Give our baggy panted brethren a decent runaround!

May the cross be with you.


trio said...

Only a pootle round, chatting to the lads marking the course. Not sure I got it all or missed some but here it goes.

The course is basically two halves, one is muddy with sets of steps etc - cross bikes will rule as they are easier to carry! the second half is flat easy stuff, almost tarmac but not quite! Cross bikes will rule as they are faster on stuff like that!

Help I'm turning into a cross rider!

I have my new Horwich CC shirt to wear as well so look out for me, there is a grand total of 7 females racing so you should spot me!

crossjunkie said...

Apologies Trio - I hadn't realised you were joining Horwich. Welcome to the fold!

Thanks for the course update - I went out at lunch today on my cross course near Haslingden and it was surprisingly grippy rather than slippy. Any climb was hard though as the snow was soft under a crisp surface. Dugast Rhinos at 25psi felt superb......

See you tommorrow


trio said...

No snow on the course, although might be a bit of ice after the cold snap tonight!

Now do you think I can learn mounts and dismounts by tomorrow?

Yes I've joined Horwich after a cross season of being pestered to! See you there!