Monday 29 March 2010

ronde update and briefing

Systems are go for the Ronde ride on April 3rd. I've been out recceeing the route, and fine tuning organisational details. Final instructions and observations below:

Parking - please use the public car park opposite the Pendle Heritage Centre, signposted with a brown attraction sign. There should be space enough in the long stay section at the back but if it fills up, then there is enough road parking in the vicinity. Please use the honesty box provided.

Because there may be more than a few of us, the route will be signposted with the sign above. I will put them out the night before so they should still be there in the morning.....

The full route will use flouro yellow signs and the shorter route variation, flouro orange when deviating from the full route. The cue sheet has been updated, but I will give everyone a route card on the day.

Some of the climbs are very steep and I would recommend a minimum gear of 36 x 25 or similar if you have it. Road tires are fine, but the roads are rough and the cobbles rougher so if you have fatter tires then use them. Cross bikes with Landcruisers work well too.

Some of the route is over exposed hill country and I would take a windproof/racing cape. The last few weekends on the route have been lashing down, very blustery or lashing down and blustery......

The winter of 2009/2010 has been a little hard at times and the roads reflect this. There are some spectacular potholes in places, often where you want them least. Please warn others behind you by pointing them out, making sure you have avoided them yourself first of course!

Unless we have biblical snow, the ride will run whatever the weather. However, the full version crosses some very exposed moorland and if the weather is really bad we will all take the shorter route to avoid the exposure this section brings.

There is a cafe at the start and finish (in the Heritage Centre) and food stops available at Padiham, Townley Park (Burnley) and Coldwell Activity centre near Widdop. There is also a bike shop in Padiham during the fist cobbled sections (:-)).

People can opt for the full or shorter route during the ride according to how they feel - we will regroup outside Burnley and the shorter ride group will take a different route and have a cafe stop at Coldwell Activity Centre before the longer ride group pick them up, and we all tackle the final section together.

There is a bail out option from Padiham (1/3rd distance) and from Burnley (1/2 distance) - your route card will have a map showing you these.

Hope to see you on the day - Bon Courage!


Andy Rubio said...


I can't make it sadly, am in the Belgian one (the sportive that is). Question is: where's that hill in your picture? OIt looks fabulous.


crossjunkie said...

Hi Andy - thanks for dropping by. I am sure your consolation prize of the real Flanders sportive will go some way to the disappointment of missing our ride :-)

That climb is the second on the Ronde, up to the Pendle Witch village of Newchurch. Pretty steep and quite long.......

Red Bike said...

How long are the two routes?

Red Bike said...

Scrap my last comment, I've just noticed its on the poster.

trio said...

Hope it goes well, I am unfortunately away so can't make it.