Friday 9 September 2011

In praise of women's racing...

Last cross season some beautiful and insightful films emerged the web based project 'Petites Reines'. Their subject was the women involved in bike racing, and for these particular films, the women cross racers on the World Cup circuit.

Threading their way between glamour, celebration, technical exposition and art film, they were a welcome addition to the usually male dominated media on cross specifically, and cycling more generally.

It has often been pointed out that there is precious little coverage of female cross racing, nationally and internationally with opinions as to why divided between the sexist and the economic pragmatist. But that is to neglect the one thing that came through loud and strong in the Petites Reines films - that women race as hard and as ruthlessly as the men. Their speed and style may differ but that is, for me, to miss the point. Watch a top level women's race and you watch competition at it's zenith.

And to that end I shall be promoting women's racing on this blog where I can - I get Euro cross races from Sporza TV and often they include a summary of the women's race. I shall try and post this coverage wherever possible.

To get you in the mood, here is a great race i've uploaded from last season, World Cup Round 7 from Pontchateau, France. Enjoy and watch too for the debut of a new Dugast tub, the Pipisqualo - the white and black tub on Marianne Vos's bike.

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