Monday 17 October 2011

A big weekend

Photo: Cheryl King Images

Most people sensed it this weekend - the Rapha Super Cross Series is a game changer for the world of UK cyclocross. Rather than repeat what others have said more eloquently elsewhere, I direct you to Dave Haygarth's comment and analysis of what transpired on Saturday last, repeated in glorious Yorkshire sunshine the following day. Read it and see if you agree. I for one certainly do.

For London cross fans, you have a week to wait but something special is coming your way and you'll love it.

It's not that every race should be like this - absolutely it shouldn't as localised, grass roots racing is what keeps the sport accessible and fresh. However, throw in some ingenuity and corporate muscle from Rouleur and Rapha and suddenly the future of UK cross looks even more enticing than it already was.

Here are some shots of the weekend:

Photo: Cheryl King Images

Photo: Jo Allen


Dave Haygarth said...

Good post Alan and well done for keeping focused all weekend with so much Duvel around. A big ask.

I think what was clever and essential to the mix is that it all easily piggy-backed on and supplemented localised, grass roots racing. Without that it wouldn't have been the same day out and would have felt more like a National Trophy event. This felt great because it incorporated the all-important chipper races too!

Rick K said...

looking good Al

I can only imagine the event was a hit given the combination of cracking venue, Rapha and quality field

I hope this event sets a precedent for future UK cross events