Tuesday 26 March 2013

RVOL cancelled

Somewhat unsurprisingly, this weekend's Ronde van Oost Lancashire is cancelled.

The route crosses some high ground badly affected by the weekend's snowfall and subsequent drifting, as well as some lanes that are still pretty impassable to cars, or more precisely road bikes.

Temperatures between now and Saturday morning will struggle to rise above freezing in these areas meaning thaw is unlikely, and the risk of ice very high. Additionally, the legendary SportSunday cake stall relies on the good will and favour of David and Laura and their friends and family, and I for one don't expect them to stand out in those temperatures for a few hours to feed us all. David and Laura kindly went out today (Tuesday) to bring us a status report and these pics.

It's unlikely to change much over the week, and I for one am not prepared to risk things.
The Ronde is a social ride, not a challenge event and as such the route is open to those intrepid or daft enough to try it at any point, but you do so at your own risk and in your own time. Alternatively, spend some time with your loved ones eating chocolate and hiding Easter eggs.

Hopefully, we can all meet and ride at a later date in the year, when things have warmed up somewhat.



Anonymous said...

Fair comment Alan very sensible decision. Would have loved to have had my first taste of the Rvol but I can wait! Maybe we can give it a go in more favourable weather?

John Elkin said...

Shame but the right call and in good time.

Next year then....

jill said...

Gutted for you Alan but I think only mad dogs and polar bears would be out in that. Great pics though. Maybe we can do it on the 7th July and us rapha 100k wimmin can covert some of the route? Just musing...Laters, Jill

Anonymous said...

That was a very sensible decision Alan. Look forward to catching up later in the year (could always make it a cheeky loosener for the 3 Peaks :)