Tuesday 4 March 2014

Ronde van Oost Lancashire update

Andy Waterman's shots for the Cycling Plus feature on the Ronde, 2011

I won't be running the Ronde van Oost Lancashire this year. Or any other year.

After last year's cancellation due to adverse weather, I sat down and thought long and hard about the wisdom of running an unsanctioned, unlicensed and uninsured event that was beginning to attract well over 100 riders. What started through my own personal obsession with cobbles and was shared with a few mates, had grown into something altogether different, and though I and others loved the informal vibe that RvOL had developed, at the end of the day we live in a litigious society....

I considered running RvOL as an event, for paid up punters and with proper insurance but felt on balance that that was not what I had in mind personally when I set it up, nor to be frank did I have the inclination to spend the time doing it. Besides, there are some great events out there, similar in style and certainly showcasing some of the same great countryside.

So, thanks to everyone who turned up over 3 years - riding with you was a privilege. And huge thanks to David and Laura from SportSunday who provided for the 2nd and 3rd runnings, a free cake stop the like of which we are unlikely to see repeated.

RvOL is dead, Long live RvOL....... Richard from The Green Jersey shop in Clitheroe has taken on the name of the ride, and with an altered, solely Lancashire based route is putting on a cobble-themed event to coincide with the Tour of Flanders pro race on Sunday 6th April. Details here

I may see you there. Or I may just sneak off and ride my old route. Just for old times sakes....

UPDATE: No sooner had I posted this piece, than I learned that the Green Jersey Ronde has been cancelled. Sorry....

So, instead I urge you to find some time in your diaries and go for an adventure round the route on your own sometime.. Full route details on the right hand side of this page.


Steve said...

Thanks for a superb day out Alan. I look forward to riding the Open Source version sometime :)

Unknown said...

Open source rides could be The Future. Must feel really thrilling to have come up with such an epic event that grew so fast!! Enjoy your own ride on the day. I'll be sure to wave if I see you out & aboot

The Amateur said...

Dear Cross Junkies,

Would anyone be interested in the 'Cheshire Cobbled Classic' - a tough 65-mile Flanders-inspired cobbled sportive on Sunday 5 October?
Doesn't have anything quite as epic as some of your favourite climbs but does feature what is perhaps the most extreme climb in the country - the 45% max. cobbled monster known as 'The Corkscrew'.
Starts just down the road from you in Wilmslow!
Alternatively, if anyone would like to volunteer to marshal for the 2014 Cheshire Cobbled Classic, you would get a free entry to the 2015 event, or the 2015 'Tour of the Black Country' (a Paris-Roubaix-inspired event with 15 unpaved sectors and a velodrome finish) or the 'White Roads Classic' sportive (modelled on the Italian Strade Bianche, featuring nine white gravel/chalk sectors):
Rider video of the Tour of the Black Country at:
Contact us at enquiries@club.v-sprint.com