Wednesday 24 September 2008

for an exquisite training experience

This wasn't quite the scene in crossjunkie towers last night, but I did do my first ever turbo interval session, albiet without the sexist 80s styled model lounging in the foreground (I asked mrs crossjunkie but got a short and painful reply.....).

Actually it was suprisingly good fun. A hectic day of delivering work related workshops, domestic chores, homework help and ferrying J to and from his athletic session meant I did not stop until 9pm. No matter, armed with a Simon Burney interval session, a high def DVD of the World Cup cross race from Tabor last year and my shiny new CycleOps, I ventured into the murky world of pain and sweat for the next 40 mins or so.

And sweaty it was too, but strangely satisfying. Perhaps it was the notion of a training session stolen from the jaws of apathy, or the thought that I might become some kind of uber-cross hero with unlimited power (unlikely), but I enjoyed it a little too much.

There was even some kind of bizarre connection thing going on with the DVD too - everytime Nys or Wellens layed down a blazing attack in the race, I could feel their pain. Well, actually my pain which was reasonably acute. It's not right though, sitting in a room, sweating like you're going to get heat stroke and hammering yourself into semi-consciousness. I am told it is effective by those in the know. They better had know, because if I get any slower having gone through all that I am going to come looking for them and stick a Rhino where the sun don't shine...........

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