Monday 22 September 2008

rapha cross kit!!!

Much excitement in the crossjunkie household last week. Well, for me at least. Purveyors of stylish cycling apparel, Rapha have announced their autumn range, including cross-specific jerseys and 3/4 bibs. Previous readers will alread know my views about Rapha - see

As the news sunk in, the excitement waned a little. Rapha, cross, mud, grit - not an ideal combination given a jersey and 3/4s would set you back over £250! Could buy 5 FMBs or Dugasts for that and they would probably last and look better for longer.

Then I realised as I looked at the marketing pictures - this was cross kit for the West Coast US of A type of crosser. Kit for where it doesn't rain too much at all and races and training are conducted in dry dust bowls for most of the year. No soggy woods, and boggy playing fields for them. No, one can go training resplendent in one's new Rapha kit and come back looking just as immcaulate instead of looking like a new recruit who's just staggered round an Army assault course in full flood.

Nice idea then, just wrong climate over here?

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