Tuesday 14 April 2009

£3k rapha suit!!

I kid you not - Perren Street has unveiled a £3000 Saville Row suit, designed with nanotechnology for urban commuting.


Bike radar have the full details: http://www.bikeradar.com/news/article/rapha-unveil-their-3000-cycling-suit-21181

and the usual bitching and moaning with knobs on about Rapha being overpriced, overhyped and underfunctional crap.

Oh, get a life for crying out loud and lighten up! Like the detractors I'm not buying one - it's way too much money (though not for a bespoke suit), suspect in it's functionality for riding, ridiculous for riding in the less salubrious neighbourhoods round my way.......... but it made me smile. And smiles can be short to come by these days.

I prefer this offering from 'Here come the Belgians':

Reproduced with respect from http://herecomethebelgians.blogspot.com

Roubaix was good by the way, didn't you think? No mud though..............

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