Thursday 2 April 2009

the real ronde is nigh

This time last year I was barely able to sleep, building up to my long -awaited trip to the Motherland and my first ride on the kassien in Flanders, as well as my first encounter up-close and personal with the legend that is the Ronde van Vlaanderen.

My excitement is more muted this year as I am staying this side of the North Sea/Channel and have managed to be on holiday with my folks as well, putting paid to any hope of watching live. However, Eurosport will be on the Sky+ and Sporza TV on the newsgroup for backup, ready for when I return later in the week. I just hope I don't inadvertently catch the result.

To wet your appetite for all things cobbly, wet, gritty and Flandrian, I caught these great photos from some of the preceeding Flandrian semi-classics in the last couple of weeks.

As to the winner of Sunday? Who knows, but I have a sneaky feeling that a Belgian may win.......

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Red Bike said...

What channels is it on?

I have sky but none of the sports channels.