Wednesday 12 October 2011

Rapha Super Cross is upon us

After a last minute scare with impounded cowbells, final preparations are being made by the respective race organisers and the Rapha Super Cross team for a weekend unlike any other weekend of UK cross, kicking off on 15th October at Brockholes, Windermere.

Saturday's Brockholes is a NW League event, a firm favourite on the NW League calendar with the iconic Brockholes course providing contrasting course conditions over the past 2 years, from mudbath to frozen snowy waste, but looking good this year for another mudbath. Sunday's race is a dyed in the wool Yorkshire League event, at Huddersfield, on a windswept field-based course that is bound to be a real test.

Both will have the full Rapha Super Cross treatment - cowbells, beer, music, lots of spectators, a good dose of silliness and marshmallows.

And an elite race with some of the finest UK cross riders, in addition to the League faithful supporting races:


(Eight teams of five riders - field of 40)
• Hope Factory racing
• Charge Bikes
• Hargroves Cycles-Specialized-Trant-Next
• Rapha/GB Development
• Sigma Sport-Specialized
• Scott UK
• Team Wiggle
Guest teams:
Windemere – Wheelbase Cycles-Cannondale
My own involvement will be somewhat more low key, but exciting for me, having been invited to ride in the 2 Northern support races in the candy stripe colours of the US based Rapha-Focus cross team.

If you are within striking distance of either venue, I urge you to come along and watch - the UK hasn't seen anything as exciting since the World Cross Champs came to Leeds in 1992. It will be as near to a fusion US/Belgian cross as you can hope for. 

Racing starts at Windermere at 11am and Huddersfield at 10.30am. The headline elite races are 2.30pm at Windermere and 3.00pm at Huddersfield.


Philip said...

Huge crowds, top riders, beer and a US/Belgian atmosphere? I have to argue that has been doing this for 2 years already!

crossjunkie said...

Fair point! But for Northern riders this is definitely am improvement on a soggy muddy field with 4 spectators and a dog......

Dave Haygarth said...

How dare you Mr Crossjunkie! The northern races are full to bursting with PARTICIPANTS .. A much nicer problem to have !

neilwelsh said...

Our cowbell is ready but can we throw werther's originals instead of marshmallows? You can hear the yelp when you score a direct hit, or the resonant dink as they hit a deep-section carbon hoop!

Konrad said...

I'm glad to see our friends in the north are looking forward to Rapha Super Cross. We hope there is something of the atmosphere and excitement that our friends in Belgium and the States enjoy, week in week out, throughout the winter. It's probably the biggest event in UK cyclocross since we hosted the World Championships in Leeds.

Tom Randall said...

Im not quite sure what the marshmallows are all about - I won't mind if I manage to catch one in my mouth!

Dr Nick Waggett said...

Al - not sure on your timings. Rapha site says Elite races at 2.30/3.00. Unless you mean the Vets are the REAL elite. Nick

crossjunkie said...

Well spotted Nick - duly amended.

Though I think I agree, the really tough racing will be in the Vets category.......

Otleyrich said...

Looking forward to catching up with everyone and properly excited by the event. I think Al's biggest challenge will be getting his new slinky skin suit clean again for Sunday...