Wednesday 18 June 2014

Regular visitors to this page will have noticed a paucity of posts over the last few months. This has in part been due to an accident-induced lack of riding and therefore lack of inspiration on my part, but also as my energies and thoughts have been elsewhere on a separate 'cross related project.

Fluent in Cross has been bubbling away in the background of my mind for some time now, and is beginning to take shape behind the scenes ready for an Autumn launch. Part cyclocross technique primer, part blog and part boutique store, FiC will hopefully become a go-to site for the aspiring weekend racer looking to hone their technique, acquire niche cyclocross products that are hard to source, or tap into the collective experience of our team for more personalised coaching support to achieve their 'cross goals.

Either way, visit our blog at to check in on our progress and get a feel for some of the content to come.

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