Tuesday 6 January 2009

crossjunkie returns - in time for the Nationals

Apologies for the break in transmission recently. The three part teeter totter didn't come off for me during November and in the run up to Christmas and I took a break from all things cross to recharge the batteries.

However, this is an exciting time of year for cross with National Champs everywhere this weekend and the build up to the Worlds weekend straddling Jan and Feb so I couldnt stay away for too long.

I even managed a return to racing after not riding a race competitively since the end of Oct! Crikey where did all my plans for a good season go?

As for our own National Champs, I am going to get into the prediction game briefly and go with Helen Wyman for the Womens (not too much risk there as she podiumed recently in Belgium over Christmas) and stick my neck out for the following Mens result:

1 Crawforth
2 Hammond
3 Bibby

Jody Crawforth has been racking up some very good results on the quiet over in Euroland during the Christmas break - if he can do that there with all the faffing it entails then he can produce it back here. He is a class act who can break through I suspect and besides, I have bought a Race X Lite tub wheel off him in the past which was a bargain - nice guy.

Hammond is always a threat but has, as ever done very little except in recent weeks. You can't rule him out for another win though.

I watched Bibby walk the race at Todmorden and he was going well at Macc I hear over Christmas - apparently he looked significantly fresher than some big names last Sunday as he won the Revolution Cross. Food for thought?

I'll probably be hopelessly wrong but will be there in Bradford to see how wrong I really am.

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