Thursday 15 January 2009

a day out at the nationals part 2

It had warmed up during Saturday night. In fact it did more than that as a howling gale blew in and helped remove all trace of frost or frozen ground from the course by Sunday morning. We arrived bright and early for the kids races - J and E were wired and fired and ready to race.

It was E's first cross race and she was impatient for the off. Lining up at the back of the grid, barriers stretching ahead down the road and the PA blaring it might have been a bit intimidating for a 4 yr old but she wasn't fazed and had a look of steely determination. After the gun, there were the usual near misses you get with a bunch of u10s riding in close proximity, but then she was into a rhythm with a steady hand in the back as 12 inch wheels, a fixed gear and stabilisers were not much help into the fierce wind down the home straight. She made it round the lap in style, being lapped close to the finish and thereby avoiding subjecting her puffing Dad to a second lap. It was a great kids course and there was a real atmosphere because of all the people, course furniture and PA - she loved it and is keen to go back for more. J rode well after being a little overawed by it all at the start and finished in the top 20.

Unfortunately we missed most of the women's race and left for home before the men's - those races are well documented on the British Cycling website. However, Carolyn Wright from Horwich got 5th Ladies Vet and I suspect at least a silver in the V50 category, and Dave Haygarth from here in Lancs rode a great race to finish 24th, backing up a Wheelbase Team win with Lewis C and Jebby. Paul Oldham, another of Lancashire's favourites also showed real class to get a silver but overall honours went to a Southerner that a certain blog writer had tipped the week before for a win.

There was indeed an air of smugness in the crossjunkie household that evening, though we shall see if the promising tipster can get it right for the Worlds in a few weeks...................


Duncan A said...

Chapeau on the result prediction!

Forget the worlds - can I have next weeks lottery numbers please?

Go on then, give us a worlds prediction (so we can run to the nearest bookmaker).

crossjunkie said...

Ho hum - I will stick my neck out for now and say that it will be a rider that hails from Europe and not from GB......

I will study the form book and do my best for a profitable punt in the near future:)

The Scorton bog for the last NW League will certainly be a slight comedown from the manicured course at Bradford!