Tuesday 20 January 2009

world cup @ roubaix

Last Sunday's (18 Jan) Wereldbekker Cross at Roubaix was a classic - close racing, monumental mud, a wild rollercoaster of a course that had the Elite men running down the steep and sketchy descents and an exciting finish. Those that were less cautious on the descents (including Radomir Simunek below) ended up like this!

I wont reveal the result for those that have yet to watch or get the DVD of me, but one thing stood out for me - Bart Wellens is simply light years quicker over the barriers and at remounting.

His style is pure kamikaze - entry speed a good 2 or 3 miles per hour faster than the others, blindingly quick leg speed and then a remount that literally snaps him back on the bike. As a lesson in how to get a gap on your opponents, it delivers every time. As a strategy to hurt yourself badly it also promises much. But he nails it each time and is clearly confident enough in his abilities to do it right, time and time again. Chapeau Bart, still one of the most exciting riders for me.

I'll edit the video and post a clip of what I am talking about in a bit, but until then.........


Duncan A said...

Amazing photos of Wellens, apparently the barriers were on the higher side of regulation too which makes it even more impressive.

Be interesting to see the difference between Boom and Wellens considering their respective heights.

Wonder if Nys' header into the barrier early on in the year has slowed him any?



crossjunkie said...

Nys was definitely more circumspect over the barriers, but not much more so than Boom.

I'll post the vid asap

Barriers were allegedly 55cm instead of the regulation 40cm!