Tuesday 20 January 2009

wellens over the barriers at wc roubaix

1st lap, Bart is pushing hard to open up a gap. As he comes into the barriers, white hot, Joe Sales (photographer for CX Magazine) comments that “Bart was going so fast I was sure he would wipe out.”. The barriers were apparently 55cm and not regulation 40cm to add to the spectacle!

He didn't wipe out, just - for comparison Boom and Stybar are not far behind on the right, and Nys is further down the field in the all white of the World Cup Leader jersey. Boom and Stybar, 2 of the finest cross riders in the world, simply look slow in contrast. Enjoy the chaos in the pits afterwards.

Apologies for the watermark - having issues with the licence for the software.........

2nd lap, Bart is still out there giving it some.....

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